Last Wish: A Cat Fantasy Short Story is going to press! The print version can be preordered on my website now! Of course, if you're local, you can buy it directly from me or at certain area shops. Stay tuned for details here on the blog.

Here is an excerpt, and a glance once again at the cover:


The magical cats Coralee and Target can shape time and and travel through space – but can they help an old man achieve his last wish?

“Ow!” Target cried. “Coralee? Where are you? Coralee! Where’d you go?” Black whizzed past him. The tunnel was too cold, too hard, too damp, too real, and he was certain they should have reached the end of it already. I should be sitting on the soft ground of UnderEarth, next to Coralee, breathing the magical smell of fresh grass, listening to the talking trees in the grove. But instead of that serenity, he felt the stinging prick of a sharp rock cutting into his leg, followed by a dizzying spin into darkness even more ebony than his coat, until the black tunnel lightened to a dull gray and the overpowering smell of stale urine assailed his sensitive nostrils.


"Last Wish by Ann Catanzaro (Catherine Holm)"