Driving with Cats is available on Kindle!

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Driving with Cats: Ours for a Short Time is a memoir that celebrates the rich bond we share with our animal companions. The book tells the story of the author and her cats, but it goes beyond this. Driving with Cats is about how the author’s cats have helped her become a better human. The book doesn’t shy away from life or death – as some of the most enlightening times imaginable come when we are helping another being pass on. Cats, dogs, and animal companions can teach us about life, compassion, letting go, releasing judgment, and finding the beauty in deep and selfless love (ours and theirs).

The book is framed by the narrative of the memorable cat Jamie’s last months of life. Chapters tell the stories of various cats in the author’s life, and their impact. Short essays throughout range from thoughtful to humorous, and cover everything from cat care to thoughts about the human/animal bond.

Driving with Cats: Ours for a Short Time is a book that can be treasured by cat lovers, and by anyone who is moved by the life lessons of compassion, letting go, living in the moment, and selfless love.