Everything is new! Usually, that is thrilling. Sometimes it is edgy. Once in a great while, it’s almost too much. But really, it’s mostly amazing and fun.

And there was a sense, the other day, of bringing in the “old” to the new. My husband and I stacked wood together for the first time in the new place. I think things had been feeling way too easy and soft! It was so good to be working outside together. Not that we haven’t been working our butts off, but this was a familiar kind of “homestead” work that carried over from the other place. It felt good. And then I processed a bunch of peas and beans, and that felt good, too. For a garden that was put in Very Fast and pretty late, it is yielding some nice veggies. I am happy.

Not my garden, but all gardens are interesting and beautiful.  From Flickr.