My ego has had plenty of chances to soar, and to be challenged, lately. Book promotion, for some, I’m betting, is an emotional roller coaster.

I met a new author at my first book signing (her signing was scheduled before mine). She said the same thing about her book promotion — it had been mostly wonderful with lots of highs and a few lows.

There have been the great highs (and so far, it has been mostly highs). Nice reviews. Good words from friends. Book sales. Readings that are well attended, even in rural areas where most of the attendees have to drive a good distance. A good radio interview! A project, with a real product. I have something of mine, that has gone out into the world.

And, there have been a few bummers. Nothing huge. Just realizing, naively perhaps, that not all bookstores can or want to jump at the chance to feature a new and unknown author. Digging, Digging, and digging to keep finding new opportunities to promote my book and put it out to the world.

But I’m stubborn (I talk about this in my book, in the one memoir piece about my father — we are both stubborn), and an optimist. Once my discouragement passes, I pick up and keep moving. Every new author — you, me, others — has to start somewhere. And sometimes, unexpected opportunities show up in the most surprising places.

In yoga, Ego is the part of the mind that is ordinary and that never shuts up. Ego can keep us from our greatness. Ego is me when I have a moment of discouragement that threatens to turn into an internal pity party. “Soldier on,” a writer friend told me. She’s right, and of course I will.