Dear writer,

When your book comes out, you’re not done. You’re starting over again.

You get to learn all over again how to stay level headed, how to deal with the ups and downs of praise and rejection, how not to get too attached to anything and to just keep moving forward on your path (thanks, yoga!). You get to learn again how to work hard and sustain that effort.  And you get to keep keeping your new writing alive.

It’s a blessing and a huge learning experience.

You get to learn to look at your book as a product and a commodity. It’s still you, but now it’s something more than you. Watch it go out into the world. Let go. You love it, but it’s not entirely yours anymore. People will react to in many different ways. That is their right and their experience. Just like teaching yoga, you cannot manage their experiences!

You get to be very organized and you’re profoundly grateful for the teachers and mentors in your life. There are your heroes.

Treat everyone well and don’t get hung up on or insulted by reactions. It’s only life, and this is one game in the big game of life. Practice calm and nonattachment.