I'm shopping (i.e., looking for a home for) a completed memoir called Driving With Cats. The memoir deals with my life with cats — and all the fun, and learning, and yes, grief, that goes along with sharing life with a companion animal.

Grief isn't only about sadness. Grief is a great teacher — one of my greatest teachers.

As I was proofing and editing the manuscript for the umpteenth time (trust me, this is a good trend — the longer I write, the more I revise), I came across this line:

This is the real gift of grief — it bulldozes you out of your own way.

And, it does. Having now been through several passings and end-of-life-times for beloved companion animals, I can surely say that there's nothing like grief to get you out of your own way. I believe that's a very good thing. So, as horrible and devastating as grief can be, I believe that it can help me be a better person, and I believe parts of the process can be, and have been, beautiful.