I have the delusion that I can do many things at once. But, usually, that's physically impossible, not to mention stressful. Righ now, there is a ton of stuff to do around the homestead, and there's never enough time to do it all. This is especially true in the fall, with winter's deadline bearing down.

I believe we are all too busy in today's world. I'm consciously trying not to be so busy. I don't like the feeling it leaves me with inside.

So instead of thinking about the apples/corn/cukes/tomatoes/basil that need to be processed, I try to get some tunnel vision.

It's not easy. I want to do it all at once.

Right now — apples. Only. Then corn, after apples are done.

Because ultimately, I'm happier if one thing gets done then if a bunch of things are started but not finished.

Same with writing.

Finish memoir manuscript first.

Then, start novel.

Novel creation, for me, requires real immersion.

I kno we're all different. This is what works for me. I used to think I was a phenomenal multitasker — and I can be — but I've found it serves me better to focus on one thing at a time. And, to try and simplify and be less busy in the first place.

What works for you?