I’ve been thinking a lot about contentment lately, or santosha as it’s known in yoga.  Actually, I’ve been surprised at my ability to be content.  As I spend precious time with my older cat, I am content and ready for every gift he gives me.  He’s in a situation where he needs our care.  We are watching him closely to make sure that he’s not suffering and that he is still engaged in and enjoying life.  In the meantime I’m learning a ton about contentment and gratitude.  I am grateful for every purr, every headbutt, every time he climbs on my shoulders to ride them while I walk around, every time he snuggles on the pillow with his head close to mine when I sleep, every time he sits out on the deck or the grass and enjoys the feel of the wind through his fur.  These little, or big, gifts amaze me and mean so much to me.  Imagine if I could find such contentment with all the other little seemingly inconsequential things in my life.  Imagine the happiness there.

Sometimes it feels to me as if there is a fine balance between contentment, and living big or taking risks.  When is it good to be content?  When could a rut be disguised as contentment?  When is it best to throw caution to the wind and strike out in a new direction? It’s a dichotomy I’ve struggled with and I bet others have too.

This is one of the things I’d love to help people with as a life coach.  How to live contentment, how to take risks, when to know which is best.  We all have these answers inside of ourselves—a life coach simply skillfully helps us tap into our own answers.

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