Very recently, I’ve twice been in situations where I’ve been selling books next to another author. I shared a table with Angie Holland Bailey at a recent cat show, and I sold books next to Margo Hansen at an area craft show.

The very cool thing is, we chatted all day and we promoted each others’ books. It sure felt better than inner competitiveness. Yes, selling books is not always an easy path! But it sure feels better to have fun and to promote each other. Did we sell more books because we were actively promoting each other? I don’t know. I know that we created good energy around our tables, and that is always a good thing. People pick up on it whether they know it or not.

The act of writing is solitary, but I am finding that promotion is a great opportunity to share ideas, create new ones, and support each other. I like it. I want to keep behaving in this way!