I don’t want to multitask. I want to get great things done.

I’ve interviewed for a few jobs lately. Is it a sign of our times that every interviewer asks if I am comfortable with multitasking? I bristle inside. It might show. I give the “right” answer. “Yes, I can multitask.” It’s not a lie. I can. Many of us can, or feel that we have to [...]

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Mindful Cat Monday — Meeting Resistance with Ease

I'm realizing that I've been resisting a creative writing project close to my heart. I want to write this, but I fear that something may be so painful or unearthing about it, that I am resisting it. Resistance just creates more resistance. It takes courage to meet difficulty, or resistance, with ease. It's the same [...]

Boundaries, social media, the noise of the world, and nature

I watched the movie Disconnect the other night, and I thought it was very good. It's a compelling premise about how connectedness and technology has the capacity to make us more disconnected. Several story lines, mostly well woven together, comprise the movie. This theme is probably not new to a lot of us (the discussion [...]

New article at — Namaste, Kitty! 5 Yoga Lessons From My Cats

Namaste, Kitty! 5 Yoga Lessons From My Cats Look no further than your cat for enlightenment and common sense! Read the article here:

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Creative Writing: more on personal practices, routine, and forming habits

When my father was alive, and as he got older, it seemed he relied more and more on routine in his life. I used to think he went overboard with his routines. Everything was scheduled in his life. It felt, to me, stifling and non-creative. Perhaps he did go overboard. Who's to say? What is [...]

Are you tired enough to get out of your own way?

Blogging may be light this week, due to intensive care taking duties at home. And on that topic, here are some thoughts about care taking: In my household right now, we're undertaking some intense and emotional care taking responsibilities. An older pet may be in his last days. I've always been of the opinion that [...]

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