Make the Time to Create

If you're wired to create (no matter what form it takes), you know that you need to find time to create. Writing, painting, weaving, whatever you do. It can be tough, and it requires a TON of discipline. Still, if I can find 30 minutes or so per day for yoga and meditation, I can [...]

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Work in Progress — A Love Letter to Minnesota and Vermont

I'm putting together a new book full of my observations about Place -- both in Vermont and Minnesota. Here is a very short excerpt I read last Sunday at the Derby Line First Universalist Parish:   I go to register my car and get my Vermont driver’s license at the DMV in Newport, Vermont. The [...]

Mindful Cat Monday — Meeting Resistance with Ease

I'm realizing that I've been resisting a creative writing project close to my heart. I want to write this, but I fear that something may be so painful or unearthing about it, that I am resisting it. Resistance just creates more resistance. It takes courage to meet difficulty, or resistance, with ease. It's the same [...]

RIP — Good Person

Yesterday I lost a person who had been special in my life. I rarely got to see her, but she made a huge impact in the small moments we spent together. One time, in a spontaneous and unexpected fashion, we stayed up until three in the morning, getting to know each other after many years [...]

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Mindful Cat Monday — Gratitude; Rama; Life Stuff

I am feeling immensely grateful today. Not sure why, but I'll take it. It probably helps that the weather has been amazing. I love love love fall. Even though it's very warm, and I would actually call this pre-fall, I love this time of year. All things are coming up that I love: garden harvest, [...]

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Mindful Cat Monday: Talking Too Much, Being Quiet, and Retreat

When I went through yoga teacher training, I had FIERCE yoga teachers who weren’t afraid to help us (force us) to really look at ourselves. At one point, our small group got called on the carpet. Some of us were talking too much, our teachers said. Some of us weren’t talking enough. Some of us [...]

3 Reasons Why 2015 #Blogpaws Was Great

Blogpaws holds an annual conference for pet bloggers, pet industry companies, animal welfare/rescues, and anyone interested in communicating the great things about our pets. I had wanted to go for years, because I'd heard how good it was from some of my cat writing/blogging friends. Post selfies of you and your cat at Twitter [...]

Rescued: The Stories of 12 Cats, Through Their Eyes features moving rescue stories, told by cats

A cool new book has come into print (and is also available electronically). Check out Rescued, the Stories of 12 Cats, from Their Eyes. Rescued features the stories of 12 rescued cats, told from their point of view. My own cat Rama has a story in this book! Rama tells the story of how he [...]

Minnesota Envy

This morning, I have Minnesota envy. And I miss my Minnesota friends. MN is having temps in the 60s and 70s, I'm told. Here, we had 10 degrees this morning. There is still lots of snow on the ground. I cannot complain. My first winter in Vermont has been the easiest and warmest winter I've [...]

Wise words for creative people — learn to say “No!”

Creative people with projects underway need to be firm, and constantly discerning, about saying no. I have learned this the hard way over the years, and I keep re-learning. Seems I also have a little helper gene that tends to want to help with this and with that. But...I can't do it all. If I [...]

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