Mindful Cat Monday — Chill time helps me spend better time with my cats

All of us need time to chill. And I've found that if I consciously take the time I need to chill out, relax, and totally let go of life's demands, even for a short time -- I'm a better person for it. For me, that means time in the woods and in nature. Sitting [...]

amusing myself

I amused myself walking down the mountain today. Where we lived previously, we had to fight like heck to get carpenters to come help us. Here, there are carpenters fighting to help us. :) #eastcoasthustlehustle

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garage sale

Hi folks,   If you're local to or near Cook, MN, we are selling the following items. Message me through this website or via email and I'll give you information for contacting my husband, who is with the stuff. I will update this list as stuff is added or deleted. Thank you!   VIRTUAL GARAGE [...]

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My fun day signing Driving with Cats at the Twin Cities Cat Fanciers Cat Show

Recently, I took part in the Twin Cities Cat Fanciers Cat Show in Crystal, MN. I was a vendor and shared a booth with fellow cat author and friend Angie Holland Bailey. We had a great time! What could be better than being in a huge room full of cats?! And, what could be better than knowing you were in a room full of people who were crazy about cats and who care about the welfare of cats?

Does your cat inspire you to be a better person?

Here's how my cats inspire me to be good and to do good.

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My three cat fantasy short stories are now live on Kindle!

My three cat fantasy short stories are now LIVE at Kindle! Check out the general link here that will take you to all three books, or click on each book below. (The print editions of Kali's Will and Last Wish are available here.)                         [...]

A great week full of cats, writers, writing, yoga, and fashion!

I've been traveling. And it has been so much fun. You see, I am an odd person. I love the country, and I love the city too. For the last 1-1/2 weeks I've been totally immersed in the city. My first stop was the annual Cat Writers' Association conference near LAX. I've been a member [...]

Cat stories — The Reluctant Mouser

(Re-posted, because some of us can never have enough cat stories.) True story: Rama (black cat) stares at a bi-fold door on the floor. The door has been taken down from its frame temporarily so that the dryer could be pulled out of the laundry closet and repaired. Rama, sits, and stares, and stares, for [...]

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Catherine Holm author events in Minneapolis on Dec 8 and Dec 9, 2011.

Dear Twin Cities friends, I have two quick announcements of book readings that I’ll be part of, this week: I'll be reading live at the Loft in Mpls (www.loft.org) with Ann Iverson and Tony Bukoski at 7 pm on Thursday December 8. I'll be reading live at the True Colors Bookstore (www.truecolorsbookstore.com) in Mpls with [...]

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gratitude — a graceful survival skill

I went on a little spending spree the other day -- why? Because things are tight! Hmmmm...makes sense, right? Money is tight, so...spend money! Fortunately, I came to my senses once I got home. I'm going to return the stuff today. And it's cheap stuff! It won't last. This is not like me. But it's [...]

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