My Heart is a Mountain: Tales of Magic and the Land

/My Heart is a Mountain: Tales of Magic and the Land

Blame it on Pittsburgh — The Hills are in My Blood

I started life out in a small town near Pittsburgh, PA. (I understand that I was born on a farm, which might have something to do with why I seem to be the most outdoorsy person in my family.) We left PA (for MN) when I was ten, and I really don't remember much about [...]

Catherine Holm answers four questions on the Writing Process Blog Tour

A few weeks ago, a colleague and friend of mine, Ken Wachsberger, asked me if I wanted to take place in the Writing Process Blog Tour. I balked at first. I’m in the middle of a move across the country (well, I’ve moved, but my husband and the stuff are still coming) and the stuff [...]

Upcoming author events, and new releases in 2014

Here's where I'll be in 2014 so far, and more events will be added. Please check my events page for the most current info. I love connecting with readers and new friends in this way so please stop by if you can! Thursday, 1/23/14, 7 p.m., Magers & Quinn Booksellers, Mpls, MN, with Angie Holland [...]

Walking the paths through the woods

I love walking on paths through the woods. A network of paths, even in a small wooded area, can give me the sense of privacy, of meditative time, and of more possibilities than I thought possible in that small area. I love that feeling of finding possibilities, and new roads, everywhere. When I'm feeling limited, [...]

The books are ready — am I?

The books are ready to go. Am I ready?                 Ready as I'll ever be. Feelings? Excitement. Dread, Internal high standards that nobody probably knows about except me. Will I sell books? A lot of books? Does it matter? Well, yes, it matters to me. It's part of [...]

Author Event at Cozy Cottage in the Woods, Aurora MN, Oct 17-18

Cozy Cottage in the Woods is an annual craft and gift show and I'm told that there will be plenty of good things there to shop for. I'll be signing at at this event. Here are the details. I will be there on Thursday and Friday with my books. Hope to see you, meet you, or [...]


I've been busy. I'm already setting up readings in June for the upcoming publication of my memoir  Driving with Cats: Ours for a Short Time (North Star Press of St. Cloud, June 2013). I'm also soliciting blurbs for the back cover and the inside of the book. I learned from my first book's publication process [...]

A great week full of cats, writers, writing, yoga, and fashion!

I've been traveling. And it has been so much fun. You see, I am an odd person. I love the country, and I love the city too. For the last 1-1/2 weeks I've been totally immersed in the city. My first stop was the annual Cat Writers' Association conference near LAX. I've been a member [...]

[Creative Writing] — It’s Tough to Put People in a Box (thank goodness)

If you're a writer or artist, your work may not fall neatly in to a well-defined box. That's OK. Don't let the prevalence of labels in the world threaten to stifle your work. True, sometimes we need words (even labels?) to adequately describe something. "A romance." An "urban fantasy." A "cat story." "Abstract art." Write [...]

“Kali’s Will: A Cat Fantasy Short Story” now available at

Kali’s Will: A Cat Fantasy Short Story is now in print and available at! My new website is live, and my new cat fantasy gift booklet, Kali’s Will: A Cat Fantasy Short Story, is now available in print on my website! is more author-focused than my previous site — check it out. I [...]