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Be Yourself and Don’t Worry about The Rest of the World

Be yourself and don't worry about the rest of the world. Easy to say. Sounds so simple! And so easy to forget, or be pulled away from. No, I don't mean go out and harm, or do any crazy thing. I mean bring your best benefit to the world. Your talents, your gifts, the things [...]

Work in Progress — A Love Letter to Minnesota and Vermont

I'm putting together a new book full of my observations about Place -- both in Vermont and Minnesota. Here is a very short excerpt I read last Sunday at the Derby Line First Universalist Parish:   I go to register my car and get my Vermont driver’s license at the DMV in Newport, Vermont. The [...]

Mindful Monday: Blueberry Heaven

Yesterday we picked blueberries at a place called Blueberry Heaven. It lived up to its name. This is what you see after you park and head toward the blue-colored stand.                 The berry bushes are within a large fenced enclosure (1'd guess at least an acre or two), [...]

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Mindful Cat Monday — What is Magic?

What is Magic? I use the term loosely, to define anything that seems to delightfully and naturally fall into place, or that simply brings me joy. Is it...   ...The indescribable quality of the blue sky light that is beginning to subtly change, and apparent when there are clouds in the blue sky? I've seen [...]

Mindful Cat Monday: Talking Too Much, Being Quiet, and Retreat

When I went through yoga teacher training, I had FIERCE yoga teachers who weren’t afraid to help us (force us) to really look at ourselves. At one point, our small group got called on the carpet. Some of us were talking too much, our teachers said. Some of us weren’t talking enough. Some of us [...]

Mindful Cat Monday: Time to Relax

This past holiday weekend, I let myself really relax. I let myself wander and do whatever I wanted, with no planning. It seemed to be just what I needed. I've gotten into a habit of taking a slow meditative walk at dusk and emptying my mind (nature is very helpful in that respect). Here are [...]

Mindful Cat Monday — Chill time helps me spend better time with my cats

All of us need time to chill. And I've found that if I consciously take the time I need to chill out, relax, and totally let go of life's demands, even for a short time -- I'm a better person for it. For me, that means time in the woods and in nature. Sitting [...]

Vermont LOVE

The other day I had Minnesota Envy; today it's Vermont LUST. I can feel Vermont, churning gently beneath the snow, getting ready for SPRING. Spring in VT is out of this world. Locals don't care for mud season, but I don't mind it. Sure, it is not as pretty as the real spring, but it [...]

Minnesota Envy

This morning, I have Minnesota envy. And I miss my Minnesota friends. MN is having temps in the 60s and 70s, I'm told. Here, we had 10 degrees this morning. There is still lots of snow on the ground. I cannot complain. My first winter in Vermont has been the easiest and warmest winter I've [...]

Why “Story” is important

We all have a story, or stories, that define us. These stories direct us (knowingly, or not) in our actions. Some businesses skillfully use story to sell product (this is the most interesting kind of advertising, in my opinion). Sometimes I might hang onto a "story" for too long, a story that doesn't serve me. [...]