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Wicked Good Wednesday: Conversations with Chester — The Feeding Games

Cat: I really wish you would eat your Fancy Feast, Chester. Just finish what’s in the bowl.   Chester: But it’s so beautiful outside. I would rather look out the window! The smells! The flowers! The birds!                                     [...]

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Mindful Cat Monday: Let Your Cats Teach You To Stay in the Moment

There's nothing here that hasn't been said or thought of before, but I recently had a reminder of how precious, and short, life can be. A friend and fellow cat blogger lost her young and seemingly healthy cat quite suddenly. I've been through this myself and it's mind blowing. The grief and chaos I went [...]

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Up today at — Do You Think That Cats Reincarnate?

Do you think that your pet can "come back" after he or she has passed on? Have you had an experience where a pet came along that reminded you of a previous pet, or signs seemed to direct you to a new pet? I don't rule it out; here are my thoughts and a few [...]

Mindful Cat Monday — What Tiger Tim Can Teach Us

In the everyday world of cat rescue, untold numbers of cats are abandoned, rescued, fostered. Cats suffer illness. Cats suffer otherwise. Once in a while, a story shoots to the top of all this information, and becomes viral. Such is the case of the story of Tiger Tim, a seven year old orange tiger cat [...]