Last Wish: A Cat Fantasy Short Story

/Last Wish: A Cat Fantasy Short Story

Book Sale — free shipping through 2/28/14

I'm having a Book Sale! FREE SHIPPING this week only. Order any of my books through this Friday (2/28/14), and I will cover the shipping, custom autograph your purchases, and include an attractive signed bookmark. Contact me at cat (at) catherineholm (dot) com or via the website contact form  to place your order.  Please contact [...]

Book promotion through November 25 — Order Driving with Cats and get a free cat fantasy short story gift book!

I am running a promotion on my website through November 25. Order Driving with Cats:Ours for a Short Time from my website and during the promotion, get a free copy of either Kali's Will or Last Wish. Driving with Cats is my cat-themed memoir, full of feline wisdom for the human soul. Kali's Will and [...]

Cat guy husband humor — When mom’s away, the cats and husband will play…

My husband wrote this in an attempt to get inside my head and portray my thoughts. He did a good job. It made me laugh out loud. Enjoy :) -- I did... ~~ Here I go, off traveling again.  I’m an author and as those of you who write for a living know, we travel [...]

Thoughts after the 2013 Cat Writers’ Association conference

Back home - Yea! As of last night, I am back home from the @Cat Writers' Association Conference in Dallas. I didn't get much of a "sense" of Dallas -- the hotel was out in an airport industrial area. I DID take long long walks outside when needed, and that helped me take the recharge [...]

The books are ready — am I?

The books are ready to go. Am I ready?                 Ready as I'll ever be. Feelings? Excitement. Dread, Internal high standards that nobody probably knows about except me. Will I sell books? A lot of books? Does it matter? Well, yes, it matters to me. It's part of [...]

Author Event at Cozy Cottage in the Woods, Aurora MN, Oct 17-18

Cozy Cottage in the Woods is an annual craft and gift show and I'm told that there will be plenty of good things there to shop for. I'll be signing at at this event. Here are the details. I will be there on Thursday and Friday with my books. Hope to see you, meet you, or [...]

My fun day signing Driving with Cats at the Twin Cities Cat Fanciers Cat Show

Recently, I took part in the Twin Cities Cat Fanciers Cat Show in Crystal, MN. I was a vendor and shared a booth with fellow cat author and friend Angie Holland Bailey. We had a great time! What could be better than being in a huge room full of cats?! And, what could be better than knowing you were in a room full of people who were crazy about cats and who care about the welfare of cats?

Book signing for Driving with Cats Ours for a Short Time at the Twin Cities Cat Fanciers 81st Championship Cat Show

Tomorrow, Saturday, September 29, I'll be signing and selling Driving with Cats: Ours for a Short Time (as well as my other books) at the Twin Cities Cat Fanciers Annual Cat Show.

My three cat fantasy short stories are now live on Kindle!

My three cat fantasy short stories are now LIVE at Kindle! Check out the general link here that will take you to all three books, or click on each book below. (The print editions of Kali's Will and Last Wish are available here.)                         [...]

A great week full of cats, writers, writing, yoga, and fashion!

I've been traveling. And it has been so much fun. You see, I am an odd person. I love the country, and I love the city too. For the last 1-1/2 weeks I've been totally immersed in the city. My first stop was the annual Cat Writers' Association conference near LAX. I've been a member [...]