Kali’s Will: A Cat Fantasy Short Story

/Kali's Will: A Cat Fantasy Short Story

My three cat fantasy short stories are now live on Kindle!

My three cat fantasy short stories are now LIVE at Kindle! Check out the general link here that will take you to all three books, or click on each book below. (The print editions of Kali's Will and Last Wish are available here.)                         [...]

A great week full of cats, writers, writing, yoga, and fashion!

I've been traveling. And it has been so much fun. You see, I am an odd person. I love the country, and I love the city too. For the last 1-1/2 weeks I've been totally immersed in the city. My first stop was the annual Cat Writers' Association conference near LAX. I've been a member [...]

Short book recommendation — Starve Better, by Nick Mamatas

I just finished a well worth it, short nonfiction book. Starve Better: Surviving the Endless Horror of the Writing Life, by Nick Mamatas, is a hard hitting, irreverent, truthful, and relevant book for writers. Mamatas describes both the fiction writing world and the commercial nonfiction writing world in short essays. What I love about this [...]

Coming Soon to www.catherineholm.com: Last Wish, A Cat Fantasy Short Story

Last Wish, A Cat Fantasy Short Story is heading to press soon! This is a 16-page story full of fun, cats, and fantasy, and good for all ages. Join the magical cats Coralee and Target as they help an old man achieve his last wish! Last Wish will be available for sale at www.catherineholm.com, as [...]

Cats, Writing — cat (and dog) fantasy fiction

In writing (in life? in any creative endeavor?) there's a place for depth, and there's a place for fun. Sometimes they overlap, sometimes they don't. I don't always give a lot of thought to my process, I just know what I like to write. I like to write fiction, and I like to write cat [...]

[Creative Writing] — It’s Tough to Put People in a Box (thank goodness)

If you're a writer or artist, your work may not fall neatly in to a well-defined box. That's OK. Don't let the prevalence of labels in the world threaten to stifle your work. True, sometimes we need words (even labels?) to adequately describe something. "A romance." An "urban fantasy." A "cat story." "Abstract art." Write [...]

“Kali’s Will: A Cat Fantasy Short Story” now available at www.catherineholm.com

Kali’s Will: A Cat Fantasy Short Story is now in print and available at www.catherineholm.com! My new website is live, and my new cat fantasy gift booklet, Kali’s Will: A Cat Fantasy Short Story, is now available in print on my website! www.catherineholm.com is more author-focused than my previous site — check it out. I [...]