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Be Yourself and Don’t Worry about The Rest of the World

Be yourself and don't worry about the rest of the world. Easy to say. Sounds so simple! And so easy to forget, or be pulled away from. No, I don't mean go out and harm, or do any crazy thing. I mean bring your best benefit to the world. Your talents, your gifts, the things [...]

Mindful Cat Monday — Meeting Resistance with Ease

I'm realizing that I've been resisting a creative writing project close to my heart. I want to write this, but I fear that something may be so painful or unearthing about it, that I am resisting it. Resistance just creates more resistance. It takes courage to meet difficulty, or resistance, with ease. It's the same [...]

Mindful Cat Monday — Honoring the Slow Processor within Ourselves

Some of us are slow processors. I am one of these people. I did an intense life coaching session the other day with a coach I completely respect. At one point during the coaching call, he asked me to imagine standing on a cliff and picture a meandering river below. I was to look at [...]

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Why “Story” is important

We all have a story, or stories, that define us. These stories direct us (knowingly, or not) in our actions. Some businesses skillfully use story to sell product (this is the most interesting kind of advertising, in my opinion). Sometimes I might hang onto a "story" for too long, a story that doesn't serve me. [...]

Creative Writing: more on personal practices, routine, and forming habits

When my father was alive, and as he got older, it seemed he relied more and more on routine in his life. I used to think he went overboard with his routines. Everything was scheduled in his life. It felt, to me, stifling and non-creative. Perhaps he did go overboard. Who's to say? What is [...]

“Kali’s Will: A Cat Fantasy Short Story” now available at

Kali’s Will: A Cat Fantasy Short Story is now in print and available at! My new website is live, and my new cat fantasy gift booklet, Kali’s Will: A Cat Fantasy Short Story, is now available in print on my website! is more author-focused than my previous site — check it out. I [...]