Up at Cat Bloggers Talk: Does Writing About Cats “Overexpose” You?

As an author and a cat blogger, I am very intrigued with the line between what we give to the world and what remains private. I'm a pretty private person, myself, though I'm sure my personality leaks through in my writing and blogging. Cats are, for us in the cat world, very personal, and a [...]

Up at Catster today: 6 Tips for Your Home After Your Cat Returns from Surgery

Once in a while, our pets have to go through surgery. Surgery, even same-day surgery,  can be stressful for us as well as our cats. Here are some things I have refined over the years, to try and smooth out the process after surgery and make things run as smoothly as possible at home. Read [...]

Up today at — Do You Think That Cats Reincarnate?

Do you think that your pet can "come back" after he or she has passed on? Have you had an experience where a pet came along that reminded you of a previous pet, or signs seemed to direct you to a new pet? I don't rule it out; here are my thoughts and a few [...]

Up at today: Do Cats’ Shorter Life Spans Teach Us about Our Own Mortality?

Have cats taught me a lot about mortality? You bet. But they have also taught me about the beauty of life, and how to appreciate it. I write on these topics, at today: Do Cats' Shorter Life Spans Teach Us about Our Own Mortality?     Zorro in a bag. Cats' shorter lifespans [...]

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Up at today — 5 Ways to Streamline Life When You Have Multiple Cats

As many of you know, I have several cats. Staying organized in this busy world requires skill of its own. Staying organized with six cats to care for really requires organization! But it's not all that hard, with a little forethought and planning. My article 5 Ways to Streamline Life When You Have Multiple Cats [...]

Up today at — 6 Ways Humans Would Act if They were More Like Cats

Ever watch your cats and wonder what it would look like if humans acted like cats do? It could get pretty interesting. I ponder this at today -- read it here: 6 Ways Humans Would Act if They were More Like Cats     Zorro demonstrates sleeping. We'd all sleep a lot more if [...]

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One smart cat

                Norton is one of the smartest cats I've ever lived with. You can almost see the wheels turning in his eyes. I love this guy.  

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Up today at Catster — Does Dealing With Human Death Affect How You Handle a Cat’s?

I think about the strangest things. But I do want to be sure I am aware of my biases when it comes to making important medical decisions for my loved ones. In my case, some of those loved ones include cats. The two human deaths I've witnessed were relatively peaceful. I have wondered whether these [...]

Up today at — Do My Cats Want Me to Do Yoga?

Cats and yoga go together in more ways than you might think. I bring out the yoga mat, and the cats are instantly on it. But there's more to yoga and cats than meets the eye. Read about it here:  

How to Host a Dog for Friends or Family in a Cat-Filled Home

We recently had the fun good fortune to bring our friend's dog into our household for the weekend. Here is how it worked. Keep in mind that this is an exceptional dog that probably wouldn't hurt a fly. Still...we learned a few things about how to do it, if we do it again. Read it [...]

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