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Up at Cat Bloggers Talk: Does Writing About Cats “Overexpose” You?

As an author and a cat blogger, I am very intrigued with the line between what we give to the world and what remains private. I'm a pretty private person, myself, though I'm sure my personality leaks through in my writing and blogging. Cats are, for us in the cat world, very personal, and a [...]

Wicked Good Wednesday: Rama Teaches Mama

Rama here! I'm doing just great! I'm pretty much back to normal now, running up and down stairs, even jumping! Still, Mama sometimes needs to be reminded of the nuances of healing. It doesn't happen all at once, you know! Just a few days ago, I thought Mama was going to have a sad-attack, just [...]

Mindful Cat Monday — Rama Update

I taught yoga this morning and I stumped myself trying to explain Rama to someone who was asking about him and his recovery. Rama is kind of a complicated cat, and yet he's not. Sometimes he swaggers around like a sexy sultan, and sometimes he acts like an insecure little boy. Sometimes he loves me [...]

Mindful Cat Monday — Rama is Home!!

In a whirlwind couple of days last week, my cat Rama (who has had recurring low grade (Stage 1) neurofibrosarcomas for years) was referred to a veterinary oncologist. We made a three hour trip through Maine and ended up minutes from the ocean, though we never got to see it. At the specialty veterinary clinic, [...]

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Wicked Good Wednesday: I’m the Manager!

Chester: What is it about me? I do mean business -- don't let my quiet way deceive you!                     Cat: I don't know, Chester. What is it?   Chester: Is it my cool demeanor?   Cat: Probably.   Chester: Is it the fact that [...]

Wicked Good Wednesday: The Perfect Pillow

    Jamie Bluebell: Do you know why I love you, Kieran?   Kieran: Why?   Jamie Bluebell: Because you're such an amazing pillow! You're soft and squishy and...   I love me a big white Turkish Van pillow, and he doesn't seem to mind, either.               [...]

Up at Catster today: 6 Tips for Your Home After Your Cat Returns from Surgery

Once in a while, our pets have to go through surgery. Surgery, even same-day surgery,  can be stressful for us as well as our cats. Here are some things I have refined over the years, to try and smooth out the process after surgery and make things run as smoothly as possible at home. Read [...]

Wicked Good Wednesday: Dancing with Ragdolls

  Zorro: Mama, I love to Dance!! Zorro demonstrates happy flopping.                     Cat: I know, I know!   Zorro: That's why the Great Cat gave me these big feet. And a floppy body, too. Look at my adorable paws. Who could resist me??! [...]

Wicked Good Wednesday: Norton’s Name

Norton: Mama, why am I called "Norton"? Cat: Well, we named you after a very special place! We were so excited about you, and so excited about this place, that it just seemed a natural fit! You're such a cutie, and we were so excited about YOU! Norton: doesn't sound cute! Everyone around here [...]

Wicked Good Wednesday: Conversations with Chester — The Feeding Games

Cat: I really wish you would eat your Fancy Feast, Chester. Just finish what’s in the bowl.   Chester: But it’s so beautiful outside. I would rather look out the window! The smells! The flowers! The birds!                                     [...]

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