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As Catherine Holm, I write creative fiction and nonfiction.

Wicked Good Wednesday: Norton’s Name

Norton: Mama, why am I called "Norton"? Cat: Well, we named you after a very special place! We were so excited about you, and so excited about this place, that it just seemed a natural fit! You're such a cutie, and we were so excited about YOU! Norton: doesn't sound cute! Everyone around here [...]

Mindful Cat Monday: Talking Too Much, Being Quiet, and Retreat

When I went through yoga teacher training, I had FIERCE yoga teachers who weren’t afraid to help us (force us) to really look at ourselves. At one point, our small group got called on the carpet. Some of us were talking too much, our teachers said. Some of us weren’t talking enough. Some of us [...]

Mindful Cat Monday: Let Your Cats Teach You To Stay in the Moment

There's nothing here that hasn't been said or thought of before, but I recently had a reminder of how precious, and short, life can be. A friend and fellow cat blogger lost her young and seemingly healthy cat quite suddenly. I've been through this myself and it's mind blowing. The grief and chaos I went [...]

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Up today at — Do You Think That Cats Reincarnate?

Do you think that your pet can "come back" after he or she has passed on? Have you had an experience where a pet came along that reminded you of a previous pet, or signs seemed to direct you to a new pet? I don't rule it out; here are my thoughts and a few [...]

Mindful Cat Monday: Time to Relax

This past holiday weekend, I let myself really relax. I let myself wander and do whatever I wanted, with no planning. It seemed to be just what I needed. I've gotten into a habit of taking a slow meditative walk at dusk and emptying my mind (nature is very helpful in that respect). Here are [...]

Up at today: Do Cats’ Shorter Life Spans Teach Us about Our Own Mortality?

Have cats taught me a lot about mortality? You bet. But they have also taught me about the beauty of life, and how to appreciate it. I write on these topics, at today: Do Cats' Shorter Life Spans Teach Us about Our Own Mortality?     Zorro in a bag. Cats' shorter lifespans [...]

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Mindful Cat Monday — What Tiger Tim Can Teach Us

In the everyday world of cat rescue, untold numbers of cats are abandoned, rescued, fostered. Cats suffer illness. Cats suffer otherwise. Once in a while, a story shoots to the top of all this information, and becomes viral. Such is the case of the story of Tiger Tim, a seven year old orange tiger cat [...]

Mindful Cat Monday — Ode to a Private Cat (and Dog) Dad

My partner/husband is a private guy. But he has been instrumental in providing for the care and love of the many cats and dogs who have entered and exited the doors of our household. As one blogger friend put it recently, her partner did "the heavy lifting" as they cared for an ill cat. I [...]

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Mindful Cat Monday — 3 Cat-Related Reasons for Gratitude

Gratitude is a great practice when life gets wild and wooly. And CATS give me lots of reasons for gratefulness!   1. Gratitude for an awesome vet and staff: Rama went through surgery this morning for a lumpectomy. He's had recurring sarcomas in the same spot (not a vaccine site) for years. I love my [...]

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Mindful Cat Monday — Chill time helps me spend better time with my cats

All of us need time to chill. And I've found that if I consciously take the time I need to chill out, relax, and totally let go of life's demands, even for a short time -- I'm a better person for it. For me, that means time in the woods and in nature. Sitting [...]