Ann Catanzaro Cat Fantasy Fiction Author

//Ann Catanzaro Cat Fantasy Fiction Author

As Ann Catanzaro, I write cat fantasy fiction. I’ve always loved cats and I love bringing cat stories to life through fantasy and fiction!

Cat guy husband humor — When mom’s away, the cats and husband will play…

My husband wrote this in an attempt to get inside my head and portray my thoughts. He did a good job. It made me laugh out loud. Enjoy :) -- I did... ~~ Here I go, off traveling again.  I’m an author and as those of you who write for a living know, we travel [...]

Tips to Keeping Your Cat Happy and Occupied in a Long Winter at

Winter is long where I live. We all have to take care of ourselves to stay warm and not let the lack of light get us down. Cats need attention during the winter, too. Here's what I do to ensure that my cats stay happy and safe during a long winter: Read the full article [...]

Thoughts after the 2013 Cat Writers’ Association conference

Back home - Yea! As of last night, I am back home from the @Cat Writers' Association Conference in Dallas. I didn't get much of a "sense" of Dallas -- the hotel was out in an airport industrial area. I DID take long long walks outside when needed, and that helped me take the recharge [...]

Fun with Cat Beds or Simple Ways to Make Your Cat Happy

Sometimes, the solution to a cat's happiness is simple. My cats are enjoying two new (fairly inexpensive, yet sturdy) cat beds that just came into the household. Why didn't I think of this years ago? These can be made, if you're handy with a sewing machine. In the meantime, I'm loving watching my cats enjoy [...]

6 Ways My Cats Help Me Save Money at

Think your cats cost you money? Think again! Flip this picture on its side, and you will see that cats really save you money! Yes, true. Here's how. Read the full article here:  

Tips on Clipping Cats’ Claws and Getting the Cats to Tolerate It at

If you observe your cat, and make the experience work for them, claw clipping can be a pleasant or okay experience for your cat. Here are my tips at Read the comments, too, for some good suggestions. Read the article here:  

Collaboration makes the sum greater than the parts!

Very recently, I've twice been in situations where I've been selling books next to another author. I shared a table with Angie Holland Bailey at a recent cat show, and I sold books next to Margo Hansen at an area craft show. The very cool thing is, we chatted all day and we promoted each [...]

So a Stray Cat Has Adopted You — Now What? at

What do you do when a cat shows up, and the cat is tame enough to be interested in coming in....maybe? Here's the story of how I tempted almost-feral Karma into the house, and how she turned into the sweetest and best house cat. Go with the good Karma -- it always wins. Read the [...]

The books are ready — am I?

The books are ready to go. Am I ready?                 Ready as I'll ever be. Feelings? Excitement. Dread, Internal high standards that nobody probably knows about except me. Will I sell books? A lot of books? Does it matter? Well, yes, it matters to me. It's part of [...]

Author Event at Cozy Cottage in the Woods, Aurora MN, Oct 17-18

Cozy Cottage in the Woods is an annual craft and gift show and I'm told that there will be plenty of good things there to shop for. I'll be signing at at this event. Here are the details. I will be there on Thursday and Friday with my books. Hope to see you, meet you, or [...]