Ann Catanzaro Cat Fantasy Fiction Author

//Ann Catanzaro Cat Fantasy Fiction Author

As Ann Catanzaro, I write cat fantasy fiction. I’ve always loved cats and I love bringing cat stories to life through fantasy and fiction!

MAC Center for the Arts in Newport, VT opens the Fall 2014 Watercolor Exhibition tomorrow, 9/12/14, 5-7 p.m.

  The MAC Center for the Arts, in Newport, VT, opens a fall watercolor exhibition tomorrow night, 9/12/14, 5-7 p.m., with a reception. Music and refreshments will be provided, and I will be reading from my work at about 6:15 p.m. as part of the entertainment. I will have 10-15 minutes, so am not sure [...]

Up at today — Do You Find It Easier to Get Along with Cats Than Humans?

Those of you who know me know that I love people as much as cats. Really! There's some editorial license taken here to make the article a little more fun. But seriously, I think my relationship with my pets actually helps me be a better human, and probably helps me deal with people for the [...]

THE GREAT PURR wins a Certificate of Excellence

I am a member of the Cat Writers' Association, a group of professionals of all kinds who do cat-related writing and visual art. The organization has an annual contest. The Great Purr has won a certificate of excellence in that contest for 2014. This means that it scored at least 90 out of 100 in [...]

Up today at — Does one of your cats bully the others?

My cats are all loving, and generally they get along. But one cat has started bullying the only female. It's subtle, and I think it's on the way to improving. Here's what I am trying. Read it here:

Up today at — 9 Cat Gestures that Kill Me with Cuteness almost Every Time

My cats do lots of cute things. Some of these mannerisms are sweet and unforgettable. Read about these, here:     Karma and Norton snuggle in an almost too-tight cat bed.

Today at – 6 Ways My Cats Have Altered My Personality

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Many of my teachers have been cats. I've always believed that our animal companions have much to teach us. Here's how mine have shaped who I am, hopefully for the better. Read it here.   Selfie with Jamie Bluebell, a young teacher.

Book Sale — free shipping through 2/28/14

I'm having a Book Sale! FREE SHIPPING this week only. Order any of my books through this Friday (2/28/14), and I will cover the shipping, custom autograph your purchases, and include an attractive signed bookmark. Contact me at cat (at) catherineholm (dot) com or via the website contact form  to place your order.  Please contact [...]

Book promotion through November 25 — Order Driving with Cats and get a free cat fantasy short story gift book!

I am running a promotion on my website through November 25. Order Driving with Cats:Ours for a Short Time from my website and during the promotion, get a free copy of either Kali's Will or Last Wish. Driving with Cats is my cat-themed memoir, full of feline wisdom for the human soul. Kali's Will and [...]

Trust and Surrender Control

I'm being tested again, and I'm hoping it's nothing. I want to bury my head in the sand but I can't. Yesterday I noticed moisture around Karma's mouth. Upon closer inspection, I realized the bottom of Karma's chin is slightly swollen. We go into the vet this week, where I will hopefully find out what's [...]

Monday Mindfulness — Start with sweetness

Always take time to celebrate the sweetness. ~Jamie Bluebell. It's C's birthday (yay!). Jamie Bluebell is head over heels for C., so it only makes sense that she'd pose prettily next to the gifts. Happy B Day, dear C (a writer's best friend and partner).