(Re-posted, because some of us can never have enough cat stories.)

True story:

Rama (black cat) stares at a bi-fold door on the floor. The door has been taken down from its frame temporarily so that the dryer could be pulled out of the laundry closet and repaired.

Rama, sits, and stares, and stares, for hours and hours. He’s a patient mouser, and there’s something under that door.

Something is under that door.

Rama waits, and waits. He waits all day.

Momma cat (i.e., head cat, i.e., ME – author of this blog) takes out pellets for a snack. The other four cats quickly come running, and have a few kibble-pellets off the floor.
Rama ignores pellet sounds and smells, and stares at the bi-fold door. He’ll wait all night until that mouse comes out. Then, when it comes out, he’ll get it. He’s amazingly fast for a big cat. He’ll play with the mouse and slowly kill it, as cats often do. Unless I rescue it.

Finally, hours later, husband picks up the door to reinstall. The mouse darts out. Rama grabs it.

Rama makes a big production, carrying mouse around and growling and acting proud. Then Rama releases mouse. Mouse is unharmed.

Mouse looks at Rama, and mouse stands still. Is mouse offering his life, or simply smart enough to know not to move?

Rama looks confused.

Rama grabs mouse again, tosses it around, acts proud, and lets mouse go.

Again, mouse stands right in front of Rama, not moving.

Rama again looks confused. This is too easy!

Husband takes pity on the mouse, grabs it (mouse lets him), and puts mouse outside in the garage.


Conclusion (?) — we are feeding Rama WAY too well, OR the mouse wanted to die…or…the mouse was very smart and threw Rama a curve ball.

Silly cats.