I watched the movie Disconnect the other night, and I thought it was very good. It’s a compelling premise about how connectedness and technology has the capacity to make us more disconnected. Several story lines, mostly well woven together, comprise the movie.

This theme is probably not new to a lot of us (the discussion about how technology serves us, and how it can pull us apart). At the very least, technology has changed, and continues to change, communication and the flow of information.

Maybe, if I had faster internet, I wouldn’t feel the way I do, but sometimes, it’s all a bit much for me. Am I old-fashioned? Goddess forbid. I really don’t know — I can’t believe I am, but maybe I am. I don’t seem to be embracing this with the enthusiasm that I see from others. There are times I love the excitement of it all. There are times it seems like the most tiring thing I’ve ever done. I pay attention to the feelings that keep resurfacing — these are usually the honest feelings. And it does keep resurfacing that it’s all a bit much.

And…it seems so opposite of “yoga mind.” I use this term loosely, but what I mean is a quiet and calm mind, free of whirring, or as free as I can get it. The kind of mind you try to develop with meditation.

Meditation seems more crucial to me now, than ever.

There is pressure in book promotion. Pressure to get noticed. Pressure to make your book stand out among millions (billions?) of books hitting the market. If you’ve always been a super hard worker, it’s hard NOT to dive in and give it your all. And it can be overwhelming. And it can all seem way too serious.

I need to step back, laugh, and get a little perspective. Play with a cat. Take a walk outside. Get away from the computer, even if for a moment. Creatively write…which takes me into a different world. A peaceful world, where I still feel I’ve accomplished something and come closer to creating something of beauty and worth.

Maybe the new coaching question should be something like this: “When I’m on my deathbed, will I be thinking about how many page views my blog got? How many LIKEs my facebook fan page got?” I hope not, personally. I hope I’ll be thinking about my wonderful partner, or if I did any good in the world (and what I did), or if I gave a cat or a dog a good life, or if I helped people with yoga, or if my writing moved people. Ommmm.