Be yourself and don’t worry about the rest of the world.

Easy to say. Sounds so simple! And so easy to forget, or be pulled away from.

No, I don’t mean go out and harm, or do any crazy thing. I mean bring your best benefit to the world. Your talents, your gifts, the things that the world so needs right now. It may not look like anyone else’s (mine doesn’t), you may be told by naysayers that “it will never work, you can’t do it, there’s no money there…” and any surprising thing you can imagine (or not).  If you know your path is true, let the naysayers’ words fall to the wayside. Not for you. Not at this time. 

Don’t listen to the noise. Listen to the small, quiet, true voice within. If you can get quiet enough to hear this, you will discern truth.

How? For me, it’s taking the time to get quiet and mindful. Daily meditation. Body movement (because body is a freeway to truth for me). Walking in nature, thinking about nothing. There are many ways to get to the truth.

I had a real wake up call about this recently. Desperate to increase my income (can you hear the stress and clutching energy in those words?), I signed up for a freelance writing course. After all, I am a writer, right? Why not finally make some good money at it. I mean, I’ve been a freelance writer for many years, and never made a whole lot of income. I’ve never worked for the content mills (where the pay can be truly terrible), which was a blessing. (I didn’t pay attention to them, and my patience would have been truly taxed by writing stuff I didn’t care about for so little.) But I never did as well freelancing as I knew I could do. I was very excited about this course. Maybe this was the answer, finally!! I jumped in.

And fell on my face.

The course material is terrific. The course is a good value. But the way that I’m wired, I have to care about something from my heart. And my heart was not in this kind of writing. Even I couldn’t ignore my intuition, screaming at me. (I’m stubborn, too.)

So what will I do? Reinvent myself, again. I’ve been doing it all my life.

Not saying it won’t take courage or won’t be scary. It takes courage to “go against the grain,” whatever “the grain” is. But we can make “the grain” seem bigger than it actually is. Pay attention to your thoughts. Practice deep self honesty.

Be Your true self. The world is waiting for the gifts you bring. Don’t be afraid to be “different,” to “go against the grain.” Some of us have to. We’re not trying to be difficult or different (an accusation I heard a great deal of when young) — it’s in our deepest, intrinsic wiring. When you realize this, it’s big learning and then you can move forward courageously (or not! or both!) and walk the path of life, getting ever closer and closer to what’s true and best about you, and how you bring it into the world.

What are your gifts to bring to the world? What stops you from bringing them forward? Are you able to get quiet and clear?

Namaste, and have a beautiful day.