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What people see in writing

I've tried never to think about my writing too much. A superstitious part of me fears that if I think about the process, I'll ruin it. I prefer to keep the creative process mysterious. (Maybe this is why some of my friends call me Mystery -- you know who you are :) The very interesting [...]

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Ego – and soldiering on

My ego has had plenty of chances to soar, and to be challenged, lately. Book promotion, for some, I'm betting, is an emotional roller coaster. I met a new author at my first book signing (her signing was scheduled before mine). She said the same thing about her book promotion -- it had been mostly [...]

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To social network or not to social network?

The marketing gurus (whoever they are) say that Facebook and Twitter are indispensable when you're trying to get your message out to the world. I'm not sold, yet, but I'm going to be trying an experiment. I'll be providing insightful content (I hope) on this blog, at least once a week. I'll be talking about [...]

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Radio interview with Cat Holm, Sunday, 9-10 am CST

I’m interviewed on the radio tomorrow (Sunday, 1/30) between 915-10 a.m. CST. I talk about my new book (My Heart is a Mountain: Tales of Magic and the Land), about writing and inspiration, and about yoga and writing, among other things. Tune into and audiostream, or listen to 91.7 FM if you’re local in [...]

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A book review for My Heart is a Mountain

Here's a book review for My Heart is a Mountain, published by the Grand Rapids Herald-Review. Go to this link on the website, and page down.

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Dear writer (notes to myself)

Dear writer, When your book comes out, you’re not done. You’re starting over again. You get to learn all over again how to stay level headed, how to deal with the ups and downs of praise and rejection, how not to get too attached to anything and to just keep moving forward on your path [...]

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Reading and Signing TODAY December 5 for My Heart is a Mountain: Tales of Magic and the Land

Hello -- if you're in the Cook, MN, area today, I'll be reading and signing my new book at the Comet Theater in Cook. Enjoy a latte and the written word, buy some books, and do your holiday shopping too!

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Booksigning tomorrow, Saturday, November 27, at Northern Lights Books and Gifts in Duluth

I'll be signing copies of my new book -- My Heart is a Mountain: Tales of Magic and the Land -- at Northern Lights Books and Gifts on Saturday, November 27, from 1-2 p.m.

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When the subconscious talks — listen!

I'm working on a novel. (That's all I'm going to say about that at the moment, because I've become a believer in holding new things close to my heart until they have time to gestate.) So I'm writing the other morning. (Writing often goes best for me in the early early morning, a technique that [...]

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The funniest (strangest) thing about writing to me is how easy it is to see greatness in what I read, and how hard it is, sometimes, to replicate it. I find this fascinating. I assume that any serious creative endeavor takes lots and lots (years, a lifetime) of sustained practice. I get this. I sure [...]

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