Twin Cities area folks, please join Angie Bailey and me for a double author event and a celebration of CATS (yes, cats!) on Thursday, January 23, Magers and Quinn, 7 p.m.

We’ll sign our books and we’ll have cat-themed treats for you and your cat. We’re both looking forward to this, and we know you cat lovers are, too. So come and join us!

  • Angie Bailey is the author of the terrific cat humor book whiskerlist: the kitty classifieds. What if kitties had a Craigslist? This book lays it out!
  • I’ll be signing Driving with Cats: Ours for a Short Time — my cat-themed memoir that celebrates the bond we share with our cats!

Come along, and bring your friends. Fun will be had by all. See you there!


Photo: Events this week:
Wendy Webb tomorrow for her
brand new THE VANISHING,
Catherine Holm & Angie Bailey for CAT APPRECIATION NIGHT
Thurs 1/23 at 7pm