There is a lot of distraction in our lives these days, and if we don’t pay attention to it, it can end up pulling us in a bunch of different directions, leaving us frustrated. Nothing gets done — at least nothing of importance.

  • What really matters?
  • How do we know, in the midst of all this noise?

By “noise,” I mean whatever might constitute noise for you, whether it’s a constant barrage of news, the dog barking next door, or the untrained and chaotic thoughts that race around in our minds.

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Take control

What are those things in your life that really aren’t giving you value? Can you eliminate them? These are the things that waste time AND drain your energy — a double whammy!

For me, it’s the television news (the stress, urgency, and aggressiveness in some newscasters’ voices stresses ME out!) and too much time on social media. I find myself needing to put boundaries around these things, and honor those boundaries. When I die, do I want to say to myself that I spent 99% of my time in front of a computer? I hope not! Your mileage may vary. What are your time-sucks? Can you put boundaries around them?

What ARE your dreams?

This is the tougher question. To discern your true dreams, the things that matter to you, sometimes you have to slow down and focus. You might enlist the help of a Life Coach — a person passionate and skilled at helping you get clarity, work toward your goals and dreams, and hold you accountable.

It may sound like a cliche-ed question, but consider if you knew you would die tomorrow, or in One Hour. What have you accomplished in your life that fills you with joy? What dreams have not been met? How can you achieve these dreams? What is the first, doable step, and who will hold you accountable?

Ready to discern the GEMS from the NOISE? Ready to go after your goals and your dreams? It all starts with mindfulness, focus, and deliberate action.

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? —Mary Oliver