Here’s a guest post from Amy Egenberger, a life coach and artist who specializes in creative action. We have a lot in common — She’s trained as a co-active coach and an Awakened Wisdom life coach — and you can find out more about her services at .


For years making collages has given me direction. Like a compass cradled in my hand, it points me forward in the direction of what I truly care about and where my soul is longing to grow, know and experience purpose and meaning. They are like good friends to me.

I look back at this one, for example, and see my desires and values reflected in the images. The refreshment of a cool fountain, the community of a flock of birds among the berries, and the staircases inviting transcendence all point me forward. I also love the mystery of what shows up. Now I notice lots of berries here, and round seeds and fruit, lush and fresh. The animals serve as wisdom guides. Fox, owl, peacock and hummingbird whisper guidance to me if I am quiet and listen.

These collages provide a field for synchronicity to play. I made this collage more than a year before I knew I’d be going on a vision quest retreat in the Mojave desert where hummingbirds visited me and gave me good advice. And the circle of friend around a fire has happened, too. Looking at the images in this moment, I’m reminded to keep my focus on painting, to lift up praises, and tend to the sweet little inner me who is all bundled up from the cold.

I love this process. Different than a vision board or wish list, I have developed this practice to activate my creativity and support my journey in mysteriously beautiful ways. I’ve shared it with my clients, too, over the years and now I’m happy to share it with more who would like a visual way navigate their own spiritual path. Join me for an afternoon of Compass Collage making and orienteering for your own soul’s journey.