I’ve been traveling. And it has been so much fun. You see, I am an odd person. I love the country, and I love the city too. For the last 1-1/2 weeks I’ve been totally immersed in the city.

My first stop was the annual Cat Writers’ Association conference near LAX. I’ve been a member of this organization for several years, but this was my first conference. What a blast it was! I’m fairly introverted, but the conference was relatively small and everyone was so friendly that it was easy and fun to network. (Again, I’m the odd one — I am introverted and I like to network, t00). There were sessions on publishing, marketing, blogging, social media, Kindle, and even clicker training for cats. The last topic was fascinating, and included demonstrations with two gorgeous Bengal cats. I plan to try clicker training with my cats! Cats ARE trainable. I also sold copies of my cat fantasy books, as well as My Heart at the conference book signing event. This organization has talented members and there were lots of cat-related books and artwork I wanted to buy.

You can read more about the conference (and see pics) here in this article at catster.com. I also had the chance to meet with editors and an agent, and I will be writing for catster.com in the future. I am excited! So, if you love cats, go check out catster.com (and check out dogster.com for all goodness about dogs)!

Now, I’m in San Francisco visiting my brother. I always always always love it here. I’ve been busy checking out clothes, walking a lot, doing yoga once or twice a day at three very different studios (Laughing Lotus, Integral Yoga, and Urban Flow) and just hanging out with my brother. It’s a rich and fun time.

‘Til next time…