Jamie: Hey Quimby, or BuffPuff, or Puffy Paws, or whatever your name is. Why do you hang your paws over every edge imaginable?



Quimby: Because Ma thinks it’s cute!


Jamie: What’s so cute about it? I’ll show you cute. (rolls around, waving paws)

Jamie napping.


Quimby: Well, I guess that’s cute, too. But fur mom says that I’m channeling Chester when I hang my paws, and it seems to make her happy, so…that’s a good thing!


Chester hanging paws.

Jamie: Yes, happy is always a good thing. And happy furnmom is a great thing!


Rama: I knew Chester. Quimbus, you are no Chester.

Rama and Chester, buds.


Quimby: Don’t call me that!


Jamie: Would you rather be called BuffPuff?


Quimby: Of course! But my favorite name is the one fur mom gave me. It starts with an M and she says it’s my secret spirit name.


Rama (rolls eyes) — “Great Cat…”


A facebook friend saw this pic of Quimby and said he was an old soul. I think it might be true!