Blogpaws holds an annual conference for pet bloggers, pet industry companies, animal welfare/rescues, and anyone interested in communicating the great things about our pets. I had wanted to go for years, because I’d heard how good it was from some of my cat writing/blogging friends.

Post selfies of you and your cat at Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #meowOUT. This campaign is created by PetSmart Charities, to promote appreciation of cats.











It was a big financial outlay for me to go this year, but my voice of intuition LOUDLY urged me to go. For once, I listened. (Wisdom does come with age.)

I had a great time and here’s why:

  • I networked: I’m good at picking up the vibe in a place. Somehow, the Blogpaws organizers managed to instill an atmosphere of comfort. There was none of the cutthroat angst or urgency that could have prevailed. People seemed genuinely interested in learning about each other and potentially collaborating, or at least exploring the possibility. Our passion for pets unites us.
  • I got new ideas: There’s something about the sum total of such an experience. My mind simmered and processed for a few days. The time must have been ripe for me to attend Blogpaws, because I came back home and began implementing new ideas. I feel as if a vision that I have struggled to crystalize (for quite some time) is coming together.
  • I learned: The keynotes and the panels were terrific. I learned about SEO, customer service, how to portray cats so that people appreciate them better. I learned more and more about social media, which I already use, but learned how to keep striving to use it better. I spent a lot of time talking to people. I began to feel my vision come together for what I want to do with this blog.

I also got lucky and won this beautiful Sleepypod (r)  Mobile Pet Bed, thanks to #Sleepypod and the #CatStyleLounge, compliments of #Hauspanther. My cats loved it. Within seconds of unpacking it, once I got home, all the cats came to check it out, and climb into it. These pics were taken shortly after.

Two of my cats cuddle in the Sleepypod, with cover off. It makes a nice cat bed, too.











Here’s the Sleepypod with the top attached. This is the most stylish and beautiful cat carrier I’ve ever owned.











Sure, there were times when I simply had to go into an empty hotel room and shut the door, walk hard and mindlessly, or swim laps. I needed to chill after all the stimulation. Then, 30 or 60 0r 90 minutes later, I’d re-emerge, ready to face new experiences and let my intuition lead me. I dared myself to sit at tables with strangers, and the results were pretty cool. I met people that I might be able to help. I got ideas. I felt support. I chatted up folks, expecting nothing in return (practicing non-attachment). I made some great connections.

I am already planning to attend the 2016 Blogpaws conference in AZ. Can’t wait.

And in the meantime, this blogspace will be evolving, thanks to the hints, nuances, and ideas that came together for me at Blogpaws, and the input of some trusted and wonderful friends (Namaste, and gratitude to you). This is the home of Mindful Cat, a blog that will celebrate how cats make our lives better. The human/cat bond is a huge passion of mine, and for me, passion has to exist to make an endeavor work.

Watch this place as Mindful Cat evolves.


Catherine (Cat) Holm is an author, content creator, and contributor at She writes about cats, Place, nature, and transformation.