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I’m Catherine Holm: Author. Thank you for visiting my website!


I am the award-winning author of 4 books (literary fiction, fantasy fiction, and memoir). Browse my Books and Awards pages to learn more about my books, and where I will be doing future author events.


I am passionate about writing about cats and the bond we share with them. Cats and our pets have so much to teach us about love and life!


I am passionate about writing about Place — how we live in it, how it shapes us, how it has a personality of its own.


I love the power of Story, and there’s nothing like a powerful story to take me fully into imagination. I hope to do this with my writing for my readers! I believe in beauty, and idealism, and I hope that storytelling can bring a bit of beauty and insight to our world as we go through our lives. This is the role of creativity and art — to help us learn about ourselves and our journey.


I’ve done many things in my life, and I keep coming full circle back to writing. This tells me that no matter how tough it gets — and it does get tough — that I’m here to make beautiful words and stories about the things that are important to us. I’m here to move people, in one way or another.



My life has been interesting, to say the least! I’ve spent a lifetime trying to figure out how to make a living AND keep my writing alive. I’ve worked as a yoga instructor, freelance writer, editor, resort cabin cleaner, short order cook (NOT my forte), wilderness guide, community health worker, life coach, park ranger, bureaucratic planner (also not a great fit), blogger, bank teller, janitor, customer service rep, piano and voice teacher, and a lot of other things I’ve probably forgotten. And still, it always comes back to writing.


I am fortunate to call the beautiful state of Vermont my home. I live with a wonderful husband and several terrific cats in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and I love outdoor adventure, walking in the woods, exploration, travel, dance, music, working with cats who need love, and yoga.


What’s in the works? A completed novel about a woman who needs to return to her roots will be published soon. I’m also in the middle of a memoir about my move, four years ago, from Minnesota to Vermont. And a 2nd cat fantasy novel is in the works, too.






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