Ann Catanzaro, Cat Fantasy Fiction Author

Two great cat fantasy gift books

from author Ann Catanzaro!


Using the pseudonym “Ann Catanzaro,” Catherine Holm created two cat fantasy short story gift booklets for readers of all ages: Kali’s Will and Last Wish.


Featuring compelling stories and spectacular covers, these gift books are purrfect for any reader in your life, and reasonably priced.


 Kali’s Will and Last Wish are available in both print and Kindle editions.


Print Editions available in the BOOKS SECTION of this website

Kindle Editions available HERE

Looking for a YA cat fantasy novel? Check out Catherine Holm’s The Great Purr, available on this website, or online.

When the warrior cat Kali dreams under a full moon near the powerful Ironton abandoned mine pit (source of Cat Magic), she sets unprecedented events into place and corrupts the magic. Can Kali make the magic right, or will she have to make a terrible sacrifice? Join Kali and the cats of Ironton in this modern-day cat fantasy short story that is suitable for all ages.

Product Details

Set in the same magical world as Kali’s Will, Last Wish is the story of Coralee, the cat with a magic whisker, and her apprentice, the black cat Target. Can Coralee and Target help an old man trapped in a nursing home achieve his greatest life’s wish? Join Coralee and Target as they travel from the magical UnderEarth to the wilderness in this modern-day fantasy story suitable for all ages.