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Wicked Good Wednesday: Norton’s Name

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Norton: Mama, why am I called “Norton”?

Cat: Well, we named you after a very special place! We were so excited about you, and so excited about this place, that it just seemed a natural fit! You’re such a cutie, and we were so excited about YOU!

Norton: But…it doesn’t sound cute! Everyone around here says “NOR-un.” They don’t even pronounce the T! It doesn’t sound cute at all. Mama, you’re even doing it!!








Cat: Oh, my…

Norton: I like the French pronunciation! After all, we are so close to Quebec!

Cat: Do I have to learn to speak French to you?!

Norton: See? Try this: “nor-TOH!” Isn’t that much more glamorous sounding? And cute, too!









Cat: Yes, but…

Norton: nor-TOH! nor-TOH! nor-TOH! Merci, nor-TOH! Au revoir, nor-TOH! Oui, Oui!

Cat: Oh, boy…

Norton; Get your Duo Lingo app out, Mama, or your French books, or whatever! No more boring “NOR-un” for me!


















Norton responds better to the French pronunciation of his name. I guess it’s time to learn French. Seriously, Norton is right. It’s a beautiful language. Since I love the sound of beauty…why not?



Catherine Holm is the award-winning author of fiction and memoir books about place, cats, and transformation. She’s also a regular writer at Catster.com You can see her books on her website or on her amazon page.




Mindful Cat Monday: Talking Too Much, Being Quiet, and Retreat

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When I went through yoga teacher training, I had FIERCE yoga teachers who weren’t afraid to help us (force us) to really look at ourselves. At one point, our small group got called on the carpet. Some of us were talking too much, our teachers said. Some of us weren’t talking enough. Some of us were talking just to hear our own voices. Some of us had things to say and didn’t have the courage to speak them. At that time, I was one of the silent ones.

Recently, I caught myself talking too much.

I hate when I do that. And it usually indicates that I want to talk to someone, that I’m reaching out for some kind of connection. Social media just doesn’t completely do it for me, though I love knowing what my friends are doing and how they are.

Retreat gave me time to stop and see the flowers!










Still. There are circumstances that are appropriate for connecting in certain ways, and there are other circumstances that are less so. I had the awareness to realize what I was doing, and I did my best to make the situation right.

Then I went home and talked to my cats.  :)

That’s not as pathetic as it sounds. I’ve been on a self-imposed retreat, deep in the world of a novel I created, getting revisions done so that it can be sent out into the world. That does require silence, focus, concentration, and the circumstances to allow yourself to completely submerge into that created world. Once in a while, I need to emerge from such a retreat, and connect. But I will try to connect in a way where that’s the clearly understood reason for the connection/conversation, etc. The recent incident is a good reminder/learning for me about that.









The novel revisions are finished (YES!), but this retreat has taught me a lot about myself – my stuff, my behaviors, my insecurities, my courage. I needed to get quiet to go there. It has been a long time since I allowed myself a retreat. I think it’s a highly healthy thing to do, and it doesn’t have to involve a lot of complication or expense. I did my retreat right in my own living space.

Don’t be afraid of the quiet. You may find some of your greatest insights there.



Catherine Holm is the award-winning author of fiction and memoir books about place, cats, and transformation. She’s also a regular writer at Catster.com You can see her books on her website or on her amazon page.

Wicked Good Wednesday: Conversations with Chester — The Feeding Games

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Cat: I really wish you would eat your Fancy Feast, Chester. Just finish what’s in the bowl.


Chester: But it’s so beautiful outside. I would rather look out the window! The smells! The flowers! The birds!





















Cat: Come on, Buff Puff. Just a little more. Finish it up.


Chester: I am not “Buff Puff!” And I don’t want the rest of the Fatty Feast now.


Cat: Sure; you’d rather bother me later, when I’m knee deep in work, or my mind is in the depths of this piece of writing, right?


Chester: Yeah, and you love it. I’m so cute.


Cat: Yes (sigh), you are, Chestie. I love you.


Chester: Chester to you, Mom.


Cat: Okay, okay. I’m going for a walk.


Chester: Now, could I PLU-eeeeze have my Fatty Feast? On a dish, preferably!

Could I plu-eezze have my food now!










Finally! Food on a dish.











Mr. Chester is a manager cat, and I have to admit he manages me well…which is probably saying a lot.


Catherine Holm is the award-winning author of fiction and memoir books about place, cats, and transformation. She’s also a regular writer at Catster.com You can see her books on her website or on her amazon page.


Mindful Cat Monday: Let Your Cats Teach You To Stay in the Moment

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There’s nothing here that hasn’t been said or thought of before, but I recently had a reminder of how precious, and short, life can be. A friend and fellow cat blogger lost her young and seemingly healthy cat quite suddenly. I’ve been through this myself and it’s mind blowing. The grief and chaos I went through when I had no time to say goodbye to my loved cat — I’ll never forget it. (I’ve not been through this with a human, though I have witnessed and taken part in the passing of loved human friends and family.)

These things make me stand up and take notice.

In my daily life, how much do I take for granted?

When I’m stroking my cat, am I really “there” or is my mind racing on to twenty other things? (Is the mind even capable of that, or do we just drive ourselves crazy trying?)

Do I look into my cats’ eyes, tell them I love them, and mean it? (Do I take the time to do this with any l0ved one in my life?) Am I completely there, in that moment, when I do this?

If I’m in conversation with someone, am I really listening, without agenda or attachment, or is my mind racing about, thinking about what I’m going to say next? (It’s all about me!)

If I’m drinking water, or lemon water, or whatever, am I IN THAT MOMENT, enjoying the taste of the water, the feel of it on my tongue and the sensation of it sliding down my throat — or am I racing through the never-ending-to-do-list in my brain?











Even if I only have a moment (or only think I have a moment — I probably have more than I realize), can I stroke Zorro and be completely, mindfully there? Can I admire his fat and fluffy paws, tell him how beautiful his eyes are, laugh with him as he flops on his back? Can I be there, in that moment?

Can I tell Rama I love him, and mean it, and be there with those words, as I speak them aloud? Words are power, with the correct and good intention behind them. Can I stroke Rama’s beautiful shiny black fur with a hint of red in it, and remember what a miracle it is that he is still around? (He’s had recurring sarcomas forever.)

Hey, I think life is some kind of practice session for being good. That’s about the extent of my spirituality, if you want to call it that. It’s a gift and we really only have NOW. So I am going to try and keep being present in NOW. Believe me, it’s an ongoing practice, just like meditation.

There’s much that Zorro can remind me of — his beautiful fur, amazing eyes, soft paws, and Ragdoll love of flopping and rolling.











I remember, at one point, writing an article for Dogster.com about my senior dog Corona. Believe me, she had MUCH to teach me about living in the moment. We were providing hospice for her during the last two months of her life. There were some amazing moments during that time; one in particular when she bounded out the door with joy on her face, to greet me. It was a complete surprise, given her failing mobility. A wise commenter from the Catster/Dogster community pointed out that we only have now. I could worry about Corona and what tomorrow might bring; I could think about how she used to be; or I could treasure that amazing moment in the now.

So, I do my best to keep reminding myself of that, and practicing staying in the now. Meditation helps. Yoga helps. Walking in nature helps. And my cats help, too.

Manager Chester keeps an eye on things.










p.s. — Chester just bounded up onto the desk, almost landing on the keyboard. Rather than thoughtlessly trying to push him aside, I mindfully petted him and admired the silky texture of his orange fur. He’s my manager boy, after all, and he loves to know what is going on.



Catherine Holm is the author of fiction and memoir books about place, cats, transformation, and mindful living. She’s also a regular writer at Catster.com You can see her books on her website or on her amazon page.



Up today at Catster.com — Do You Think That Cats Reincarnate?

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Do you think that your pet can “come back” after he or she has passed on? Have you had an experience where a pet came along that reminded you of a previous pet, or signs seemed to direct you to a new pet? I don’t rule it out; here are my thoughts and a few stories about this. Read it at Catster.com — Do You Think That Cats Reincarnate?












Mindful Cat Monday: Time to Relax

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This past holiday weekend, I let myself really relax. I let myself wander and do whatever I wanted, with no planning. It seemed to be just what I needed.

I’ve gotten into a habit of taking a slow meditative walk at dusk and emptying my mind (nature is very helpful in that respect). Here are some pics after tonight’s (early) walk.


Lilies and shed door.














Lupines and wild roses.





Ground cover naturalizes easily in the woods here.


Lots of wild roses!

Up at Catster.com today: Do Cats’ Shorter Life Spans Teach Us about Our Own Mortality?

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Have cats taught me a lot about mortality? You bet. But they have also taught me about the beauty of life, and how to appreciate it. I write on these topics, at Catster.com today: Do Cats’ Shorter Life Spans Teach Us about Our Own Mortality?



Zorro in a bag. Cats’ shorter lifespans have helped me appreciate my life, and theirs.

Mindful Cat Monday — What Tiger Tim Can Teach Us

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In the everyday world of cat rescue, untold numbers of cats are abandoned, rescued, fostered. Cats suffer illness. Cats suffer otherwise. Once in a while, a story shoots to the top of all this information, and becomes viral. Such is the case of the story of Tiger Tim, a seven year old orange tiger cat who was apparently surrendered because his owner was getting a new couch.

According to reports, the person surrendering Tiger Tim had been his guardian for most of this cat’s life, and described him as a devoted, loving cat. When he was surrendered to a kill shelter in NYC, Tiger Tim was said to cry piteously as his guardian left him. As this story began to go viral, Magnificat Cat Rescue and Rehoming was able to pull Tiger Tim from the kill shelter, and attend to some suddenly obvious medical issues. You can follow the progression of the story at the Magnificat Facebook page above, but essentially, Tiger Tim was discovered to have inoperable cancer, and not long to live. As I am writing this, it is unclear whether he has passed on. Magnificat made the decision that Tiger Tim would live out his last days (however many or few) in the best way possible, and he went into foster-hospice with an experienced medical professional. He’d not be made to suffer, and would be helped to pass on if needed, but he’d be given every love and comfort possible until that moment had to come. Thousands of people followed the story and poured their support and emotions behind it.

A link to a picture of Tiger Tim on the Magnificat Facebook Page:


The wonderful thing about this sad story is that this cat will know ultimate and unconditional love in his last days, even after being so carelessly surrendered. This story is touching me, and many others, deeply. (I admit that part of my bias is that Tiger Tim looks very much like my own cat, Norton.)

I think there are huge lessons we can all take from this story. Why do so many stories go untold, and certain stories take off into the stratosphere? Personally, I think the human mind can only cope with so much information, so much emotion, and so much apparent cruelty. There are So many cats in need. Yet this story rose to the top. How can it help us? How can it help us act, if we are moved?

  • We can adopt: if we are able or have the resources and the room, so many cats are in need of a good home. In return, you will get a lifetime of fascination and love. If it helps you to get motivated, adopt a cat in memory of Tiger Tim. Adoption is a lifetime commitment to the care, well being, and love of the pet.
  • We can spay and neuter our pets as early as possible: Overpopulation is a reason why so many cats and dogs suffer, have to be put down, or die painfully in the streets or the wild.
  • We can love: Life is short. Tiger Tim only had a few weeks (likely) from his surrender to the time that he may need help passing on. But during that short time, he had the love of Magnificat, his medical team, his foster family, and much of the social media cat welfare world behind him. What a lesson and a gift! What if we could love like that, all the time?!
  • We can help cats in other ways: If we cannot adopt, there are lots of other efforts that will help cats in need. Support or donate to your local shelter, cat rescue group, or local Trap Neuter Release (TNR) organization. Volunteer. Spread the word about spay/neuter and pet overpopulation.

If cat rescue or animal rescue are not the issues that move you, find the issue that is, and do good in the world.

This story of Tiger Tim will stick with me — a sweet cat who asked for nothing but love, was abandoned, but saved and loved and cared for through his last days. Fly Free, Tiger Tim, and thank you for your teachings.

Tiger Tim passed on Saturday, June 27, with the compassionate help of his foster mom, care team, and vet.

This is my Norton, who looks quite a bit like Tiger Tim. When I found out (on Monday) about Tiger Tim’s passing, I held and hugged Norton a bit longer than usual.







Mindful Cat Monday — Ode to a Private Cat (and Dog) Dad

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My partner/husband is a private guy. But he has been instrumental in providing for the care and love of the many cats and dogs who have entered and exited the doors of our household. As one blogger friend put it recently, her partner did “the heavy lifting” as they cared for an ill cat. I can say the same for my partner when it comes to our furry family members. And the situation doesn’t necessarily have to involve end of life care. C. has totally been committed to and involved in providing the best home possible for our cats and dogs.

Norton and C. enjoy a special bond.










C. has always been better in a crisis than I am. Many years ago, a dog was going to be shot. C. couldn’t let that happen, and he happened to be at the scene. He rescued the dog without hesitating and bought her home. A sweet yellow Lab mix, Corona had been abused, and cringed and cowered  at the slightest thing that might unnerve her. But she was always kind. After years of love and work, Corona relaxed and became secure. She had excellent Mutt genes and lived to be almost eighteen! She had stellar blood work up until the end of life, and cancer appeared just two months before we had to put her to sleep. C. was heavily involved in Corona’s hospice care, researching remedies and staying up with Corona at night to give her pain meds. Do you want to see love in action? It occurs when a pet’s human is entirely devoted to that pet.

A blurry pic of a good looking, 18-year-old Corona.











Our cats are CRAZY about C. I think they know what a good “cat dad” he is. C. has helped me and done the heavy lifting during many a cat illness. He gives them special treats (and an abundance of food, lol) when I am gone. Our cats are always happiest when the whole family is together, and I think it’s because they enjoy the presence of both of us — people who love and respect animals and want to give them the best life we can, with the means possible.

Chester looks forward to lap time with C, every night.










Some of us care for cats by ourselves; some of us have the help of a loving and supportive partner. I could and would do it alone if I had to, but I am so grateful for the care and love that my husband gives to the cats and dogs that have graced our lives.

Cat dads are the Best.
Happy Father’s Day, C.



Mindful Cat Monday — 3 Cat-Related Reasons for Gratitude

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Gratitude is a great practice when life gets wild and wooly. And CATS give me lots of reasons for gratefulness!


1. Gratitude for an awesome vet and staff:

Rama went through surgery this morning for a lumpectomy. He’s had recurring sarcomas in the same spot (not a vaccine site) for years. I love my vet and her staff and I know that my kitty is in good hands. I pick him up today, and you can bet he’ll be spoiled all week.









2. Gratitude for one dilute calico’s sense of humor:

Jamie Bluebell is my nutty dilute Calico. I, and other writers, have often wondered if Calicos share some of the same nuttiness (or tortitude) as tortie cats. Jamie doesn’t have an attitude, but she loves to go into fits of blissful happiness.

Jamie Bluebell gets ready to roll around gleefully.











3. Gratitude for Norton’s sweet smarts:

Norton can open any door. I knew he’d be the first cat in the Sleepypod, once I put the cover back on. Sure enough, he wedged his body through the opening. He’s got a mind like an engineer. In fact, we’ve begun calling him The Engineer.
















What cat-inspired things are you grateful for?

Mindful Cat Monday — Chill time helps me spend better time with my cats

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All of us need time to chill. And I’ve found that if I consciously take the time I need to chill out, relax, and totally let go of life’s demands, even for a short time — I’m a better person for it.

For me, that means time in the woods and in nature.

Sitting by a stream relaxes me — so does beauty.












It might be a strenuous hike or a slow meditative walk down a hill at twilight. It might be sitting by a rushing stream, and admiring the colors of the rocks.

When I get back from such a jaunt, I find myself mindfully taking time to be with my cats! My cats benefit from my calmness.

Cats naturally know how to relax — sometimes we just need to remind ourselves to relax, too. Cats are masters at finding the best spots (sun puddles) to facilitate their own relaxation.











The art of chillin’ — demonstrated by Zorro and Rama.

Zorro was born knowing how to relax. He can teach me a great deal!











Of course, sometimes chill time is simply being with my cats (indoors, since my cats don’t go out) — and that is fine, too!




Rescued: The Stories of 12 Cats, Through Their Eyes Featured at Melissa’s Mochas, Mysteries, and Meows

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My kitty Rama is interviewed today at Melissa’s Mochas, Mysteries, and Meows. Rama talks about his story in the new anthology Rescued, his people, his life after rescue, and why he loves Vermont! Here’s the back story about Rama:


In January 2015, a great new anthology, Rescued: The Stories of 12 Cats, Through Their Eyes, became available in print and as an e-book. Twelve cats tell their stories of rescue in this book, and the tales are pretty amazing! Rescued cats have a chance at a new life; a good life. These cats have come through some pretty incredible circumstances. We CAN make a difference when it comes to rescue and adoption, for many cats in need.

Rescued: The Stories of 12 Cats, Through Their Eyes













One of my cats, Rama, tells his story in Rescued! With the help of patient humans, and a special cat from the past, Rama was able to transform from an anxious cat with trust issues, to a loving and well-adjusted boy.

Rama, one of the 12 cats in Rescued who shares his story!










Melissa and Truffles at Melissa’s Mochas, Mysteries, and Meows were kind enough to interview Rama! Read the interview here!


The very cool thing about Rescued is that a portion of the profits from sales of the book always benefit cat rescue organizations. Each cat and their person chose a rescue to benefit from sales.


During June, a portion of profits from all sales of Rescued will benefit the Frontier Animal Society in Orleans, VT. Order your copies today!



3 Reasons Why 2015 #Blogpaws Was Great

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Blogpaws holds an annual conference for pet bloggers, pet industry companies, animal welfare/rescues, and anyone interested in communicating the great things about our pets. I had wanted to go for years, because I’d heard how good it was from some of my cat writing/blogging friends.

Post selfies of you and your cat at Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #meowOUT. This campaign is created by PetSmart Charities, to promote appreciation of cats.











It was a big financial outlay for me to go this year, but my voice of intuition LOUDLY urged me to go. For once, I listened. (Wisdom does come with age.)

I had a great time and here’s why:

  • I networked: I’m good at picking up the vibe in a place. Somehow, the Blogpaws organizers managed to instill an atmosphere of comfort. There was none of the cutthroat angst or urgency that could have prevailed. People seemed genuinely interested in learning about each other and potentially collaborating, or at least exploring the possibility. Our passion for pets unites us.
  • I got new ideas: There’s something about the sum total of such an experience. My mind simmered and processed for a few days. The time must have been ripe for me to attend Blogpaws, because I came back home and began implementing new ideas. I feel as if a vision that I have struggled to crystalize (for quite some time) is coming together.
  • I learned: The keynotes and the panels were terrific. I learned about SEO, customer service, how to portray cats so that people appreciate them better. I learned more and more about social media, which I already use, but learned how to keep striving to use it better. I spent a lot of time talking to people. I began to feel my vision come together for what I want to do with this blog.

I also got lucky and won this beautiful Sleepypod (r)  Mobile Pet Bed, thanks to #Sleepypod and the #CatStyleLounge, compliments of #Hauspanther. My cats loved it. Within seconds of unpacking it, once I got home, all the cats came to check it out, and climb into it. These pics were taken shortly after.

Two of my cats cuddle in the Sleepypod, with cover off. It makes a nice cat bed, too.











Here’s the Sleepypod with the top attached. This is the most stylish and beautiful cat carrier I’ve ever owned.











Sure, there were times when I simply had to go into an empty hotel room and shut the door, walk hard and mindlessly, or swim laps. I needed to chill after all the stimulation. Then, 30 or 60 0r 90 minutes later, I’d re-emerge, ready to face new experiences and let my intuition lead me. I dared myself to sit at tables with strangers, and the results were pretty cool. I met people that I might be able to help. I got ideas. I felt support. I chatted up folks, expecting nothing in return (practicing non-attachment). I made some great connections.

I am already planning to attend the 2016 Blogpaws conference in AZ. Can’t wait.

And in the meantime, this blogspace will be evolving, thanks to the hints, nuances, and ideas that came together for me at Blogpaws, and the input of some trusted and wonderful friends (Namaste, and gratitude to you). This is the home of Mindful Cat, a blog that will celebrate how cats make our lives better. The human/cat bond is a huge passion of mine, and for me, passion has to exist to make an endeavor work.

Watch this place as Mindful Cat evolves.


Catherine (Cat) Holm is an author, content creator, and contributor at catster.com. She writes about cats, Place, nature, and transformation. 


Up at Catster.com today — 5 Ways to Streamline Life When You Have Multiple Cats

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As many of you know, I have several cats. Staying organized in this busy world requires skill of its own. Staying organized with six cats to care for really requires organization! But it’s not all that hard, with a little forethought and planning. My article 5 Ways to Streamline Life When You Have Multiple Cats talks about some strategies I’ve used to give these guys a good home, enjoy them, and synchronize it with the rest of life.

Read the article here: 5 Ways to Streamline Life When You Have Multiple Cats

Chester and Kieran — two of the sweeties I share home with.



Up today at Catster.com — 6 Ways Humans Would Act if They were More Like Cats

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Ever watch your cats and wonder what it would look like if humans acted like cats do? It could get pretty interesting. I ponder this at Catster.com today — read it here:

6 Ways Humans Would Act if They were More Like Cats



Zorro demonstrates sleeping. We’d all sleep a lot more if we acted like cats.

Book Review for The Great Purr

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The Great Purr, my feline fantasy novel, got a nice review by Melisa Lapierre of www.MochasMysteriesMeows.com. You can read it here at the Cat Writers’ Association website blog. 

Here’s an excerpt:

With fantasy not being my typical genre of preference (that would be mysteries), I was unsure of what to expect when I started reading The Great Purr. I never imagined that I would be so completely drawn into the magical world created by this talented author…The entire time I was reading this book I kept thinking what a wonderful movie it would make, and in the end I was left with one burning question: is there going to be a sequel??? I would love to have the opportunity to infiltrate these cats’ lives again.”


Truly, I had fun writing this book. “Go where the fun is!” is probably a good motto for writers and creative people to follow. There’s nothing more fun than creating characters from the cats you love, and a few new ones as well.

Will there be a sequel? Yes! I am working on it now. It will either be a sequel, or a series (same magical world). I am nailing that down, now.

The Great Purr is available in paperback and on Kindle.


The Great Purr-Cat Holm

Rescued: The Stories of 12 Cats, Through Their Eyes features moving rescue stories, told by cats

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A cool new book has come into print (and is also available electronically). Check out Rescued, the Stories of 12 Cats, from Their Eyes.

Rescued features the stories of 12 rescued cats, told from their point of view. My own cat Rama has a story in this book! Rama tells the story of how he had to get over some major fear and trust issues to learn to love humans again. Eleven other cats tell their amazing stories of rescue, too.

And that’s not all...One third of the profits from Rescued always benefit cat rescue. Rama hand-selected a special local organization (Pope Memorial Frontier Animal Society, Orleans, VT) for his month of June!

So, check out this book! Here’s a pic of the cover. And here’s a pic, too, of the handsome Rama.















Voice Lessons is nominated for a Northeastern MN Book award

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Voices Lessons: Tales of Breaking Free is my second short story collection, and it is nominated for a NEMBA (Northeastern MN Book Award) this year. The stories in this collection generally have to do with people going through transformation, and in some cases, finding their voice. Here’s a sense of the book:


Linked by the theme of finding our voices, breaking free of constraints, and transformation, the stories in Voice Lessons look at what it means to move into a new way of being, or to reexamine our beliefs and internal stories. A woman who can’t resolve her relationship with her mother takes solace in the wilderness. A man leaves his corporate job impulsively, finding that the noise of ferry boats tugs open his heart. North Dakota hills call to a woman on a passenger train. A deaf woman wants to learn to sing. A moneyed couple’s life falls apart when their acquisitions disappear. These and other stories explore what it means to listen to one’s true voice, and act on it.


Author Q and A — Rama talks about his story in the new anthology RESCUED: The Stories of 12 Cats, Through Their Eyes

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Hi! I’m Rama, 10 year old beautiful black cat, and I allow Cat Holm to share a life with me! I was asked to author a story about my rescue. I have quite a story! My story appears in this wonderful book, Rescued: The Stories of 12 Cats, Through Their Eyes. I share this book with twelve other cat authors, and we have some stories to tell! I was quite a crabby, mistrusting cat at one time! I still act crabby, but it’s mostly a show. Rescued‘s editor interviewed ME and my person (Cat). You can read my interview here!! Go read it now!



Vermont LOVE

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The other day I had Minnesota Envy; today it’s Vermont LUST.

I can feel Vermont, churning gently beneath the snow, getting ready for SPRING.

Spring in VT is out of this world. Locals don’t care for mud season, but I don’t mind it. Sure, it is not as pretty as the real spring, but it is still pretty! Water runs at angles on the hilly roads as snow melts. Streams grow and churn. We can hear a river miles away. The apple trees on the sides of the roads stand ready, waiting to make buds. The maple syrup is running.

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a place so pretty.

Vermont is a huge seductress. When spring comes and everything erupts into green, I’ll fall in love again and again.









One favorite view.









Greener times.

One smart cat

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Norton is one of the smartest cats I’ve ever lived with. You can almost see the wheels turning in his eyes.

I love this guy.


Up today at Catster — Does Dealing With Human Death Affect How You Handle a Cat’s?

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I think about the strangest things. But I do want to be sure I am aware of my biases when it comes to making important medical decisions for my loved ones. In my case, some of those loved ones include cats.

The two human deaths I’ve witnessed were relatively peaceful. I have wondered whether these experiences bias me in some way when I have to help a pet at the end of life. I wrote about this for Catster. You can read it here:


Up today at Catster.com — Do My Cats Want Me to Do Yoga?

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Cats and yoga go together in more ways than you might think. I bring out the yoga mat, and the cats are instantly on it. But there’s more to yoga and cats than meets the eye. Read about it here:




Minnesota Envy

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This morning, I have Minnesota envy.

And I miss my Minnesota friends.

MN is having temps in the 60s and 70s, I’m told. Here, we had 10 degrees this morning. There is still lots of snow on the ground.

I cannot complain. My first winter in Vermont has been the easiest and warmest winter I’ve ever experienced. If you can get through a northern MN winter, you can get through just about anything. Forty five Minnesota winters have trained me well. Seriously, my biggest freakout here in Vermont (which I’ve since gotten over) was learning to drive the icy mountain roads. I discovered that they are not as bad as they look. Snow tires are a must. So is common sense. All wheel drive is very nice. (I drove rear wheel drive for many years in Mn. Dicey, to say the least!)

I’ll just take a drive in the Vermont mountains later today (it is impossible to go anywhere without driving in the mountains) and the Minnesota envy will disappear, even if it is 20-30 degrees cooler here in VT. I’ll just look at the mountains, go crazy with happiness, and deal with the temps. I can do it.

I may take a XC ski, too, right on the hill/mountain out my back door, if I can summon the energy after recovering from the kick -ass flu.